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Across the country, water typically comes from one of three sources: surface water sources, groundwater sources, or a combination of the three.  In the Joplin area, your water typically comes from a combination of surface water sources, like the Shoal Creek, and groundwater sources, like underground wells.  Because your drinking water comes from both of these sources, it is important to be aware of how each of these sources can impact the water quality in your Joplin home.

Surface water is water that originates in lakes, rivers, creeks, reservoirs, or similar water sources.  Because these sources are exposed to the air, they are more susceptible to contamination.  These contaminants, which can include microorganism growth, biomaterial, algae, and common pollutants, can drastically affect how the water coming out of your tap tastes.  While your municipality will normally eliminate the harmful bacteria, the chemicals that they use to do so can have a negative effect on the taste, smell, and look of your water.

On the other hand, groundwater (water that originate underground like wells or aquifers) isn’t exposed to all of these contaminants.  While the water doesn’t experience some of the common side effects of surface water, it is not without its own shortcomings. One of the most common complaints is that water tends to be much harder than surface water sources. This can leave you with white buildup around your plumbing fixtures, rust-colored stains in your sinks or tub, and bad tastes and smells in your drinking water.

Since Joplin drinking water comes from a combination of both of these sources, it is important to make sure your home is protected from the troubles they both cause.  At Joplin Culligan, we have great local employees coupled with over 80 years of water treatment experience.  This means that we know our area’s water, and the specific water problems that are common here.  This allows us to make sure that you, and your home, are happier with Culligan.

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